“You all work so hard and never complain, it was an absolute pleasure to have you on the team xxx” – New Forest Pride.

you are all amazing. All of our fabulous Prides couldn’t do it without you. We are all exhausted after one event – yet you are present and energised at so many. Thank you for being there – you are all fabulous ❤️– Karen Trippier.

The support you consistently give to so many Prides is amazing 🤩 they are lucky to have you all xx” – Yve White.

“Thank you for your love and continued support, you are a wonderful person and team xxx” – Jake, People’s Pride Southampton.

You guys were as fantastic as ever at Southampton pride… we couldn’t do it without you.. you are all icons in my eyes” – Daniel, Southampton Pride.

a MASSIVE thank you to you guys for your passion and dedication” – Feryl, Singer.

“You were bloody awesome yesterday” – Caroline, Salisbury Pride UK.

“A HUGE thanks from us and on behalf of all the events you hi viz heroes attend, you do all the stuff the rest of us don’t want to think about, and we all owe you an enormous debt. You guys ROCK xx” – Chris, Pride Pics UK.

Just to say thank you so much for everything you did at Southampton Pride yesterday. You lot are so hard working and were always able to help with things at the drop of a hat, and we loved having you as always. Hopefully see you again next year. Xxx” – Cat, Southampton Pride.

“Just want to say another massive thank you for your help and support yesterday! We couldn’t have done it without you all! Looking forward to next year!”  Sarah, Portsmouth Pride.

“There are some people in this world that are really really really really really awesome”  Charity, Air 107.2 Community Radio

“Thanks so much to Pride Priders stewards extraordinaire for all your help last night” – Alpaca, Wessex Solidarity.

“It’s a pleasure having your support every year to help run the festival. Such a great team all round” – Luke, Reading Pride.

“You guys really are a credit, love & light x” – Chris, Dorchester Love Parade.

“You guys have been superb today, as ever! Thankyou so much for flying in to help us – such an amazing team” Helen, Southampton Pride.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Pride Priders stewards who help us keep everyone on the parade safe!” – Hampshire Pride.

“You guys are the best!” – Jonathan, Pagan Pride South.

“Thanks for all your volunteers helping at Boscombe Community Fair 2017. Definitely want you back for 2018 so book in our dates please, See you there guys. xx” – Karen, Boscombe Community Fair.

“Totally massive big huge thank you. Total stars xx” – Jo, Swindon & Wiltshire Pride.

“You guys were amazing and supported us. The work you do is invaluable” – Katie, Reading Pride.

“Thank you so much for your fabulous support at IW Pride!! You were totally amazing and so supportive – it really means a lot that you were there on our first Pride with your wealth of experience! Thank you again – real Pride Heroes!” – Yve, IOW Pride.

“Thank you so much for your support” – Kerry, Bourne Community Group.

“Always! It’s nice to know there’s a friendly person to direct you where you’re going when you’re lost, and it’s always awesome to see familiar faces. Keep it up guys, you are loooooooved” – Feryl, Singer.

“It is a pleasure and privilege to have your very dedicated team of volunteers at hand every year” – Reading Pride.

“Such a hard working team, great bunch of people, their hard work and support is much appreciated by everyone” – Chris, Dorchester Love Parade.

“Thank you guys for coming, as always you were awesome xx” – Paul, Swindon & Wiltshire Pride.

“You guys were so amazing yesterday! Thank you so much!” – Matt, IOW Pride.